What masters to study after the career of Marketing?

The Marketing career is one of the most demanded at present, since it allows you to acquire multiple skills and competencies that are constantly claimed in the labor market. Marketing trends predict that future professionals in the sector should be familiar with new technologies, with the digital world and finance. However, companies increasingly demand multidisciplinary skills in specific profiles. Consequently, specialization is necessary. That is, you are expected to have general knowledge, but be an expert in a specific subject.

Due to the rise of social networks, electronic commerce and artificial intelligence, the marketing of the future will also be innovative and digital. However, as we have mentioned before, it will not be enough just to have knowledge about the different topics, but you will have to be fully aware of them. Therefore, it is important that, once your studies are finished, you ask yourself a series of questions that give some light to your professional future: do you want to continue studying? What would you like to specialize in? If you still have doubts about which studies you would like to study, read on and decide now!

10 masters to study after Marketing

Master in Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing. This master is designed for those who want to dedicate themselves professionally to marketing management and online campaign management, among other things.

Master’s degree in Neuromarketing. If you are interested in neuroscience, know its techniques and tools, then, this is your master’s degree!

Marketing and Sales Management. In the event that your profile is more commercial and analytical, you may be interested in deepening your knowledge in business strategy, personalized sales and operational marketing.

Master in Marketing and Digital Communication UPC. Possessing skills in the online environment will be essential in an increasingly changing and digital environment. This master will help you acquire the necessary skills to be able to function comfortably.

Master in Management of the Consumer Experience. Clients are increasingly demanding and looking to feel special. This master’s degree aims to respond to those professionals who want to know the necessary tools in order to satisfy and retain their clients.

Master in Digital Marketing with Specialization in Gamification. Learn how to create and apply recruitment and retention techniques in online fun environments.

Master in Advanced SEO. If what motivates you is the digital environment, the web positioning and you enjoy creating content, this online master’s degree will offer you all the fundamental knowledge to be an expert.

Master in Corporate Communication Management. Communicating to the masses and knowing how to do it is essential to guarantee the optimal relay of the message. If this is what you are passionate about, what are you waiting for to enroll?

Master in Inbound Marketing. Is your business managing relationships with customers without falling into the intrusive?

Master Visual Merchandising and Window Dressing. If what you are passionate about is design and interior design, this master will provide you with all the necessary skills to be able to develop professionally.

Have you already decided which masters to enroll?

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